Sunday, October 7, 2007

Week 3: Post #1

First, Jeanette's moms mom died and they moved into their grandma's large house. The house was located on North Third Street in Pheonix, Arizona. Their grandma also left them money, so Jeanette's mom bought lots of art supplies and her dad bought the kids bikes and other little things. Alot of their neighbors were gypsies and they would take things off of their yard. Her mom and dad also left all of the doors and windows open and people would come in and once a man came in and was touching Jeanette. once her dad took her and the family to the zoo to show them how mean it is to lock up animals in a cage. they ended up petting a cheetah. Her dad lost his job and they wanted Maureen to look nice for school so they would shoplift dresses from stores. When christmas came around each kid had a dollar at a thrift store to buy presents for their siblings. Her mom also bought a tree for three dollars on christmas. But that night Jeanette's dad came home drunk and burned the trees and the presents. For her birthday Jeanette's dad told she could ask for whatever she wanted and she asked her dad to stop drinking. He spent a couple months lock in his room trying to stop his addiction. After a month or so of being sober her dad went out and got drunk and came home and yelled at her mom. The family ran out of money and moved to Welch, North virginia and met the dad's mom named Erma, dad's dad named ted, and their uncle named Stanley. They all slept in the basement and the kids started going to school. A girl and her friends kept beatting up Jeanette but one day the girl say Jeanette help her neighbor away from a dog and bring him home they became friends.

Jeannette Walls:

Today Jeannette Walls lives in Virginia and is married to writer, John Taylor.

She regularly contributes to MSNBC.

She's worked at several publication including the Esquire, USA Today, and New York Times.


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