Sunday, December 23, 2007

Week 6: Part 2

In this section of the book "Water for Elephants" the elephant Rosie is found to be very smart. In the beginning Camel is lying on the floor in Jacob's and Walter's bunk because he can't move and the two of them have to keep him clean and fed. After Marlena's accident and after her foot held she is in another show but not with Rosie. Her show is with lots of white and black horses. Since their fat lady died Uncle Al has been looking for a new one but isn't having any luck and they decide to leave a town early and when they pull out Walter's dog Queenie gets lost. After they leave town Walter won't talk to anyone and a couple days later Marlena shows up with the lost dog and said he was running along side the train when they left the town. August has been beating Rosie a lot thinking that it will change the way she works. Marlena tells Jacob that she does like him the way she likes him but she can't do anything because she's married. In the next couple of days Jacob finds out that the reason Rosie can't listen and doesn't know what to do is because she only listens to commands that are in a different language. In the next weeks Jacob, Marlena, and August work on a new routine for Marlena with Rosie and in the end it was the hit of the show when the preformed it in the next town. While they were there August still used the bull hook but he never actually touched Rosie with it after he found out abou the language barrier. Uncle Al was so happy with there preformance they said he might actually have been crying.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Week 6: Part 1

1). Bereavement(Pg 198): To deprive or make desolate by death.
2).Surcingles(Pg 200): A girth that binds a saddle, pack, or blanket to the back of a horse.
Figurative Language:
1). "You're sharp as a tack."-This is an example of a similie because it is describing his smartness to a tack.
2)."Charming, gregarious, and handsome as the devil."-This is an example of a similie because he is talking about august as being the devil.
3)."...clining to each other like spider monkeys."-This is also another example of a similie because he is refering him and Marlena to sea monkeys.
"And then the shower of money starts-the sweet, sweet showerof money."(Pg 237) This quote is significant because the act that they put together wasn't done before and when the people liked it they got money.
The emerging theme of this book is the love that jacob has for Marlena and the new act that the elephant Rosie is in.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Week 4: Post 2

This book keeps getting more and more interesting the farther in the book I get. In the beginning of the fourth section Jacob kissed Marlena and it scarred her enough for her to leave. "Her finger tips rise to my face. Then she yanks away, taking several steps backward and staring at me with stricken eyes." He cannot stop thinking about her and he doesn't know if she likes him or not even though she's married to August. Then after that night in Chicago the circus has a parade and Marlena rides Rosie the elephant. Then once the show starts Marlena does an act with the elephant and at the end Rosie starts to run and she grabs a bar on the top of the tent and does a flip off of it and when she lands hit hurt her foot. When the doctor comes he tells her that she has broken her foot and she has to rest for a couple of weeks. After that half of Camel's body goes numb with a desease called Jake's and it is caused by drinking a drink that has somehow been poisoned. Jacob has a doctor look at him but he says that he can't help him. So Jacob brings him into his room with Walter and hides him in there. Right when Camel gets there Marlena comes and talks to Jacob and tells him that she couldn't stop thinking about him since the night in Chicago and then she wants him to leave her room because she doesn't know what else she can tell him.

Week 4: Post 1

1). Rheumy(Pg 182): A watery or thin mucous discharge from the eyes or nose
2). Abscess(Pg 161): A localized collection of pus in the tissues of the body.
Figurative Language:
1). "Her legs and neck are delicate, her body sloped and covered with markings like puzzel pieces." This is a similie because its explaining what the elephant looks like using like.
2). "She smiles when I approach and then rubs her eye, curling the tip of her trunk like a fist." This is a similie because it is telling what the elephant is doing using like.
3). "We wait a couple of beats and then we're off, floating around the dance floor in a swirling sea of people." This is personification because it is describing people doing somthing that only happens in nature.
"As the days passI grow more and more anxious about Marlena. Each timw I approach the cookhouse I hope that I'll find her there. And each time I don't, my heart sinks." This is an important quote because it shows how much Jacob likes Marlena.
The emerging theme of this book is the love that Jacob has for Marlena and the time that is life at a circus.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Week 3: Post 2

In the Middle part of this book Marlena's boyfriend/ husband is not a nice person. He doesn't really get along with Marlena, Jacob, or even uncle Al. August extremely mad a Uncle Al when he bought Rosie from the other circus and he wanted him to buy more freaks and he thinks that the elephant won't have any part in making the show more interesting. August takes out alot of his anger at the end of the section by beating on the elephant Rosie. "He steps behind her and twacks her in the back of the leg."(Pg138) Jacob on the other hand think that the only way to get animals to do what youn want is to be kind to them and not use abuse."I lean over and lay the bull hook on the ground."(Pg139) "Its okay, i say with my eyes. I understand."(Pg 122) Throughout the book so far there has been fighting between Marlena and August because they have totally seperate views on just about everything. "Marlena and August are arguing so loudly I can hear them twenty yards off."(Pg123) This book is very good at explaining the feelings of the charactors at the moment she is talking about them and that makes it really easy to follow.

Week 3: Post 1

1).Disheveled(pg 113): Untidy of disarranged.
2). Ominous(pg 122): Portending evel or harm, threatening.
Figurative Language:
1). "The elephant looms against the far sidewall, an enormous beast the color of storm clouds."(Pg 125)- this is personification because its explaining an animal to somthing that isn't living.
2). "She lifts he trunk and trumpets, taking off at a thunderous run."(Pg 141)- This is a metaphore because its explaining how the elephant sound compared to a trumpet.
3). "Come now, darling. Don't be a wet noodle."(Pg 115)- This is an example of a metaphore because he is descibing Marlena as a wet noodle.
"I'm thinking it involves Marlena. She can ride her during the parade and grand Spec, and then you can follow with a feature act in the center ring."(Pg 124) This quote is significant because it shows that now they have to form their act around an elephant instead of the horse that just died.
The theme of this book is becoming how Marlena and Jacob take care and form an act around their new elephant rosie.