Saturday, September 29, 2007

Week #2: The Glass Castle

In this section of the book the family moves again and this time they move to town called Battle Mountain. they life in an old railroad depot. The kids sleep in cardboard boxes in the lower level and the mom and dad sleep in the upstairs. They are going to live there for alot longer than any house they have lived in for a long time. Brain and Jeannette play in the dumpster and do science experiments with the toxic waste. Then they collect animals, and let them live in their house. the kids have to go to school because they living in this town now. Jeannette's dad loses his job and the family doesn't have any food. her mom and dad then get into a huge argument which resorts with dad throughing moms paintings out the window and her mom almost falling out. Her mother ends up beccoming a teacher at the school and teaches lori's class. Her kids help her grade papers and get her orginized.

Loaded Words:
1). U-Haul (Pg.49): This is a loaded word because when you are a kid moving is a big deal. in the book the kids have to drive a 14 hour drive in the back of a u-haul van.
2). smart (Pg.55): This is a loaded word because everyone likes to be called smart. In the book Jeannette's dad says that his kids are the smartest kids in the whole world.
3). Mom (Pg.58): loaded word because becomming a mom is a big responsibility. Her mom enrolled her kids in the school program.
4). dad (Pg.58): This is a loaded word because becomming a dad is a big responsibility. In the book her dad enrolles her and her sibling in the school program.
5). Hospital (Pg.59): This is a loaded word because when you go to a hospital people you see are hurt and it is very sad. In the book Jeannette's mom is telling her that it is not necesary to go to the hospital everytime she gets a little cut.
6). Baby (Pg.66): This is a loaded word because it shows you are little. In the book her dad is teaching her to swim and he calls her baby as a nick name.
7). hungry (Pg.69): This is a loaded word because if you are hungry you will have alot of emotions at one time. In the book Jeannette is telling her mother that she is hungry because ther is no food in the house.
8). ugly (Pg.70): This is a loaded word because no one likes to be called ugly. In the book Jeannette's parents are fighting about if one of her mom's paintings are ugly.
9). mountain goat (Pg.77): This is a loaded word because it is a special nick name. In the book Jeanette's dad calls her the mountain goat because she is a really good climber.
10). dumb (Pg.79: This is a loaded word because nobody likes to be called dumb. In the book Brain was calling one of his dad's friends dumb because she didn't know how to read.

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