Thursday, October 18, 2007

Week 5: Part1, Post #2

Jeannette's mom got a job at a school because a well fare man came to their house threatening that the kids will get taken away because they don't have enough money to support them. She started seventh grade and her friend Dinita was having a hard time at home, first she thought that she was pregnant and then she stabbed her mom's boyfriend to death. Jeannette at school was very embarrassed about her buckteeth so she made a pair of braces for herself. Jeannette started working for the school newspaper. She was the editor and fixed all the errors the other writers made. When Maureen turned seven her and the other siblings bought her a toy set of kitchen appliances and all Maureen wanted to talk about was California where she was born. Their mom would have total meltdowns and cry all day and Jeannette didn't feel sorry for her at all. That summer Lori went to camp and her mom went to Charleston to renew her teachers certificate. Jeannette had $200 to buy groceries and pay the bills while the two were away. Her dad came up to her and asked her for money and she couldn't say no to him. First he asked for $5 then $20 and she felt used by her dad because he knew she couldn't say no. Then her dad took her to a bar and this man danced with Jeannette and got drunk and her dad won $80 off of him playing pool. Then the man took Jeannette up to his apartment and he started kissing her but she told him about the scar on her waste and she went home. Her dad stole the money her mom got every month for the land she owns in Texas. She got a job at a Jewelry store to make up the money her dad had taken. She stole one of the watches but she didn't want her family to know what she did so she returned it. When school started and her mom and sister were back, on the first day of school her mom had a tantrum and refused to go to work. Jeannette talked back to her mom and her dad whipped her and she was extremely mad that her dad would do that to her. Next two people from New York City and her and Lori wanted to live there at that moment. So the two girl did all they could and started saving to go to the big city. Their dad destroyed all the thing that Lori did to get a scholorship and then he stole all the money they had saved up and they were both furious. Then a lady said that if one of the girls went to Iowa and babysat their kids she would pay them $200 and a bus ticket to New York City and Lori was gone. Jeannette worked with the paper and she also interviewed her dad's hero Chuck Yeager. After she finished 11th grade she left for New York to live with Lori.

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