Sunday, October 21, 2007

Final week: post #1

in the last part of the book Jeannette moves out of Welch and moves in with Lori. Right away she got a job at a hamburger joint. The two girls lived in an apartment in the south Bronx. Then Jeannette got a job at a newspaper called the Phoenix. The two girls wanted Brian to come and live with them in New York City, so they sent him letters convincing him to move there and he agreed. The owner of the Phoenix told Jeannette that she should really consider going to college. So when she agreed to go to college she was accepted at Barnard and she couldn't pay half the rent at Lori's so she moved and lived with a family and to pay the rent she babysat their two small children. Then they called Maureen and convinced her to move here to. Next her mom and dad moved to New York City. First her parents moved into a boarding house a few blocks from Lori. Then they started living with Lori and Lori couldn't take it so she kicked them out. They then lived in their van. Their van got towed and the two became homeless. The kids wanted the parents to move back to West Virginia or Phoenix because it was to cold in the city. Jeannette's dad soon got Tuberculosis and was put in the hospital and he promised Jeannette that he wouldn't leave the hospital till he was better and then he found a job as a maintenance man at an upstate resort with room and board. He was sober for more then six weeks. Then mom made him quite that job and he drank some more. For Christmas Jeannette got her dad warm clothes but he wouldn't take them. Jeannette wanted to quit college and help her parents but her dad wouldn't let her. She needed $2,000 to stay in college and her dad gave her $950 that he won off of playing poker and he told her to finish college. Her parents were now living in an abandoned building in the lower east side. It reminded Jeannette of the house in Welch. Jeannette got a job writing a column in a magazine and she jumped at it. At that point she was living with her new husband Eric in an apartment on Park Avenue. Mom's brother died and she wanted to buy the land that he owned in Texas and it ended up being worth a million dollars and Jeannette refused to buy it. Maureen graduated from high school she had alot of boyfriends and wore lots of makeup. Six months later Maureen stabbed momwhen she told her she had to move out. She went to court and when she was let go she moved to California. Her dad died of a heart attack. Jeanette left Eric a year after her dad died. She married a man named John and they lived out in the country, Brian was devorced and had an eight year old daughter. Maureen never came to visit till later in life.

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