Thursday, October 18, 2007

Week 5: Part 2, Post #2

I Think that this book is very good and very sad. I think that Jeannette is a very strong person because if the average person would have gone through it would severely have damaged their mental attitudes toward life. When the author tells her story about how she needed to take care of her siblings and deal with her dad who would be drunk. I wondered how that would feel to not have parents in the aspect of them taking care of their children. I would never be able to get through my childhood if I didn't have my parents to help me. I am also really happy that herself and her sister finally got away from the abuse of where she is growing up. I think it is very sad that her parents think that it is OK for them to tell there kids to look after themselves while they go to school and go drinking when their kids are 13 and younger.(165) At the end of this book I think it would be really nice to see her and the rest of her siblings living well away from their parents because in their past they have seen a lot of bad thing and I hope that they live a normal adult life.

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