Monday, October 8, 2007

The Diving Bell and The Butterfly: reflection

So, in my opinion I would have to say that the book was really wierd and confusing. I know that it was really hard for the writter to write the book but he desribed in such a way that he made it confusing and hard to follow. The thing that I didn't like the most was when he started telling stories out of nowhere that had nothing to do with what was actual going on. He would all of the sudden start a chapter with something that happened along time ago or something that he is just randumly thinking of and didn't happen. That made it really confusing for me. I did like that he wrote the book under the conditions that he was in, and that was a good idea for him to show the world how it feels to be trapt in lock-in syndrome. I just wish that he would have wrote it a little differently because then it probably would have been better. In the book I think that it is kind of wierd that he is putting himself in all of these different sittuations, like dancing with the lady who founded the hospital that he is in because usually I would think that he would think about being with his girlfriend then some other lady he doesn't even know. I would be very awkward if I found out that my boyfriend kept thinking about dancing with some other girl, thats just weird. I think that when he wrote the book he should have included more of the feelings and less of what he is thinking throught the day. That would have been more interesting for me because i have never herd of locked-in syndrome. That is what I think of The Diving Bell and The Butterfly.

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