Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Sea Inside: post #3

The scene that impacted me the most was the one where the man look out at the ocean, dove in, hit his head on the sea floor, and then almost drowned. In the beginning the camera shot was a medium, eye level shot showing the ocean that the man was looking across. Then the camera became a high, medium shot as the man started diving into the water. Next the camera became a medium, eye level shot showing the man hitting his head on the ocean floor. Right after the man had started flouting to the surface the camera shot became a low angle look straight up and the mans face and then the mans face was pulled out of the water by two hands grabbing his neck. This shot is significant because this is showing how the main character of the movie became a quadriplegic and it is very sad to see him almost drowned in the water not being able to move. This shot means(and the man says) that he wishes that he would have died in that accident because he doesn't want to live without being able to move the rest of his body.

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