Sunday, October 14, 2007

Week 4: post #2

It starts of with Erma, their grandmother harassing Brian and the girls jumping in to help him and Lori ends up slapping Erma. Erma throws the kids in the basement while their parents are away. When their parents come back from Pheonix they find out that everything in their old house was stolen and they came back with nothing. Next, Erma banished the family from the house, so they started to buy this old house, with no indoor plumbing, up on top of the mountain in Welch where all the poor people lived. The family also had a huge rat that lived in their house and one night their little sister Maureen couldn't sleep because she thought that the rat was going to get her so they turned on the light and the rat was on top of her. So Brian and one of their dogs that followed him home, and they killed the rat and hung on the tree outside. They went to school and the town was a big fighting school everyone got in fights. Brian and Jeannette got in a fight with a boy named Ernie Gould because the family couldn't pay the garbage bill so they put there garbage in a hole the kids dug on the side of their house. Next, the winter came and the family didn't have enough money to afford so they used wood but it didn't make alot of heat. Grandma Erma died in their second winter in Welch. After that they went to their grandpas apartment and would take baths but their uncle was being inapropriate to Jeannette so she would only take a bath in the kitchen of her own home. Then in the summer Jeannette became friends with a girl named Dinitia and they went to the pool in the morning with all the colored people because the white people didn't like Jeannete and her brother because Ernie Gould told everyone that they live in garbage.

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