Sunday, October 7, 2007

Week 3: post #2

So far in this book the kids have been put through so many hard times because their parents refuse to stay in one place and start a good life for their kids. The mom hes been heving the kids to fend for themselves sinces they were three, by making their own food and keeping themselves entertained. The dad teaches them to be strong and not to let anyone push you around but he is a alcoholic. The kids are forced to move from place to place because the parents won't get a steady job and pay the bills. If they end up not making enough money the kids have to find ways to get food other wise they will go hungry for a couple of days. The strengths in this book are that she writes exactly what went on very well and the whole book is very detailed. The weaknesses of this book are how sad and depressing it was to be moving around constantly and never living in the same place. I think this is a very sad book because the poor kids have an alcoholic dad and a mom that tells the kids to go do what ever they want but just let her work on her art. I think that once the kids get old enough they will move away and live in one place for a while to see what its like. This book doesn't relate to my life because i have never had to deal with moving around every month and having to go without food for a couple days.

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