Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Week 3: Post 1

1).Disheveled(pg 113): Untidy of disarranged.
2). Ominous(pg 122): Portending evel or harm, threatening.
Figurative Language:
1). "The elephant looms against the far sidewall, an enormous beast the color of storm clouds."(Pg 125)- this is personification because its explaining an animal to somthing that isn't living.
2). "She lifts he trunk and trumpets, taking off at a thunderous run."(Pg 141)- This is a metaphore because its explaining how the elephant sound compared to a trumpet.
3). "Come now, darling. Don't be a wet noodle."(Pg 115)- This is an example of a metaphore because he is descibing Marlena as a wet noodle.
"I'm thinking it involves Marlena. She can ride her during the parade and grand Spec, and then you can follow with a feature act in the center ring."(Pg 124) This quote is significant because it shows that now they have to form their act around an elephant instead of the horse that just died.
The theme of this book is becoming how Marlena and Jacob take care and form an act around their new elephant rosie.

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