Saturday, December 22, 2007

Week 6: Part 1

1). Bereavement(Pg 198): To deprive or make desolate by death.
2).Surcingles(Pg 200): A girth that binds a saddle, pack, or blanket to the back of a horse.
Figurative Language:
1). "You're sharp as a tack."-This is an example of a similie because it is describing his smartness to a tack.
2)."Charming, gregarious, and handsome as the devil."-This is an example of a similie because he is talking about august as being the devil.
3)."...clining to each other like spider monkeys."-This is also another example of a similie because he is refering him and Marlena to sea monkeys.
"And then the shower of money starts-the sweet, sweet showerof money."(Pg 237) This quote is significant because the act that they put together wasn't done before and when the people liked it they got money.
The emerging theme of this book is the love that jacob has for Marlena and the new act that the elephant Rosie is in.

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