Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Week 3: Post 2

In the Middle part of this book Marlena's boyfriend/ husband is not a nice person. He doesn't really get along with Marlena, Jacob, or even uncle Al. August extremely mad a Uncle Al when he bought Rosie from the other circus and he wanted him to buy more freaks and he thinks that the elephant won't have any part in making the show more interesting. August takes out alot of his anger at the end of the section by beating on the elephant Rosie. "He steps behind her and twacks her in the back of the leg."(Pg138) Jacob on the other hand think that the only way to get animals to do what youn want is to be kind to them and not use abuse."I lean over and lay the bull hook on the ground."(Pg139) "Its okay, i say with my eyes. I understand."(Pg 122) Throughout the book so far there has been fighting between Marlena and August because they have totally seperate views on just about everything. "Marlena and August are arguing so loudly I can hear them twenty yards off."(Pg123) This book is very good at explaining the feelings of the charactors at the moment she is talking about them and that makes it really easy to follow.

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