Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Week 4: Post 1

1). Rheumy(Pg 182): A watery or thin mucous discharge from the eyes or nose
2). Abscess(Pg 161): A localized collection of pus in the tissues of the body.
Figurative Language:
1). "Her legs and neck are delicate, her body sloped and covered with markings like puzzel pieces." This is a similie because its explaining what the elephant looks like using like.
2). "She smiles when I approach and then rubs her eye, curling the tip of her trunk like a fist." This is a similie because it is telling what the elephant is doing using like.
3). "We wait a couple of beats and then we're off, floating around the dance floor in a swirling sea of people." This is personification because it is describing people doing somthing that only happens in nature.
"As the days passI grow more and more anxious about Marlena. Each timw I approach the cookhouse I hope that I'll find her there. And each time I don't, my heart sinks." This is an important quote because it shows how much Jacob likes Marlena.
The emerging theme of this book is the love that Jacob has for Marlena and the time that is life at a circus.

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