Thursday, November 29, 2007

Hornet League Debate

Court Cases:
1). These debates occur in a court room in front of a group of people.
2). This debates help people get something that they want or deserve. Wether it is money or an actual though.
3). Court cases help people reach a better decision by having a lawyer fight for their rights.
4). This debate is structured.
5). This changes the decision making process because in this particular debate a judge and a jury decides the winner.
Political Debates:
1). These debates occur in a huge room with a crowd of people watching.
2). The purpose of these debates show what particular canidates want and will fight for if they get into office.
3). This type of debate helps voters pick the canidate they think will best represent them in Washington.
4). This debate is structured.
5). This effects the decision making process for voters because it shows what the candidates are actually like. (personalities and beliefs.)

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