Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Week 4: Post 2

This book keeps getting more and more interesting the farther in the book I get. In the beginning of the fourth section Jacob kissed Marlena and it scarred her enough for her to leave. "Her finger tips rise to my face. Then she yanks away, taking several steps backward and staring at me with stricken eyes." He cannot stop thinking about her and he doesn't know if she likes him or not even though she's married to August. Then after that night in Chicago the circus has a parade and Marlena rides Rosie the elephant. Then once the show starts Marlena does an act with the elephant and at the end Rosie starts to run and she grabs a bar on the top of the tent and does a flip off of it and when she lands hit hurt her foot. When the doctor comes he tells her that she has broken her foot and she has to rest for a couple of weeks. After that half of Camel's body goes numb with a desease called Jake's and it is caused by drinking a drink that has somehow been poisoned. Jacob has a doctor look at him but he says that he can't help him. So Jacob brings him into his room with Walter and hides him in there. Right when Camel gets there Marlena comes and talks to Jacob and tells him that she couldn't stop thinking about him since the night in Chicago and then she wants him to leave her room because she doesn't know what else she can tell him.

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