Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Week 1: Part A

1). Esquire (Pg 19): An English counrty gentleman.
2). Diaphanous (Pg 47): Of such fine texture as to be transparent or translucent.
Figurative Language:
1). "so long ago. So long. But still it haunts me." Shows foreshadowing says that he still thinks about that moment throughout his life.
2). The eggplant purple on bludless white. Metaphor about the look of his dead parents in the hospital bed/table.
3). When he jumps the train this is foreshadowing because that is what he will be doing for most of his life.
"I awake to the prolonged screeching of brakes."(pg 31) This is significant because this is his first time working at the circus.
The emerging theme of this book is about a man that joins the circus and is working with the crowd and everything included at the circus.

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