Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Week 2: Part B

In the second part of the book "Water For Elephants" the main charactor Jacob is now the only vet in the circus (Benzini Bros Most Spectacular Show On Earth) that he is now in.(Pg 59) Uncle Al the owner gives him the jobh because he just left college and there is a horse on the train that needs medical help. In the book it jumps forward to the present where he is in the hospital and he is mad because one of the residents said that he brought water to the elephants.(Pg 65) In the last part of the section Jacob is helping Marlena's horse and she is very greatful for him to be there. She is very sad about her horse being in pain and you can tell that she is emotionally attached to it(The Silver Star).(Pg 87) Also one of Jacobs new bosses wanted him to know that he was in charge by telling him to feed the tigers and he ended up geting bit by one with no teeth.(Pg 85-86)

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