Saturday, January 19, 2008

Week 7: Part 2

In the last section of the book right after Jacob is hit in the head Walter findsd him and puts him on the train so he doesn't get left behind. That night when everyone else is sleeping Jacob gets up (even though he is very dizzy) and goes across the top of the with a knife to kill August. But when he gets there he can't go through with it. He goes back to his car and finds that Camel and Walter are gone. In the morning he finds out that they were redlighted and it was ment for him. They both were killed. The next morning there is a show and Grady grabes Jacob and tells him about what had happened and talking about Jacobs situation when the band in the big top starts to play stars and strips forever. Grady jumps up and starts running to the big top because that song is the disaster march and that means something terrible is happening inthe big top. When they all get there they find a stampede of animals. Jacob searches the room for Marlena and finds her with August and Rosie. He looks and sees Rosie take the stake over August's head bringing it down right on the top of his head killing him. Marlena screams once she sees what has happened. After the stampede Uncle Al runs away and The Nesci Brothers Circus comes into town and start taking and buying the their animals but when they try to take Rosie or Marlena's horses they fight for them. They ended up having three kids and work with the Ringling Brother's Circus. Then in Jacobs nintys he leaves the nursing home and goes to the circus in town and he begs the manager to let him come along because he is not needed in this place. So he runs away with the Circus.

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