Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Week 6: Part 2

In the beginning of this section right after Marlena does a really good show with the horses. Jacob and Marlena were planing a suprise party for August but he comes in and thinks she was cheating on him. He gets really mad and starts yelling at both of them and August and Jacob end up in a fist fight. August also hits Marlena and thats the reason he fights Jacob. They all go away from the fight looking really beat up. The next night Jacob takes Marlena to a hotel because she is scared to be around August. Jacob goes back to the camp and goes in to see the animals. The next day Uncle Al calls him into his office and tell him that he needs to try to get Marlena and August back together because he wants them to still work together. Later Jacob and Marlena make a plan that they are going to run away in the next town to get away from August. The next night August goes on a rampage trying to find Marlena and the man who works there says she isn't there and he leave and Jacob spends the night with her. The two of them get back to the circus in the middle of that day. By the end of the week the circus is having a show and Marlena is told that it has to be with Rosie and in that same night Marlena tells Jacob that she might be pregnant. During the show Rosie doesn't do what she is told and runs out of the tent and August and Marlena follow. August beats Rosie and then grab Marlena and takes her away. While he is doing that Blackie grabs Jacob and hits him on the head and he gets knocked out.

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