Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Week #1: The Glass Castle

so far in "The Glass Castle", in the beginning of the book it starts when Jeannette is an adult living in a nice appartment and is going to a party in a cab when she sees her mom routing through a dumpster. she is to imbarassed to say any thing to her so she goes home. later they have lunch and talk. Next she talks about when she was three and was making hot dogs for herself in a pink tutu dress, she accedentialy bent to far over the stove and burned her whole body. she was in the hospital for about 6 weeks. then one day her dad came to visit and just took her out of the hopital. Jeannette after that still loved fire. the next night the family packed up and left. her family consisting of her mom, dad, sister(lori), and brother(brain) move everytime the billon there house, or the payments they owe to other people get to high they just move.they lived in the middle of Arizona in a shack for a couple of months. during that time her mom got pregnant, their dog died, and on christmas all three kids got there own star because their parents didn't have enough money to buy them gifts. right before their mother was about to give birth they packed up and move to the city of Blythe in California. The kids now had to go to school and jeannette got picked on and beaten up a couple Mexican girls because she was a "teachers pet" the next day her and her brother came to protect her from the other girls but they both got beaten up a little. then once their mom had the baby her dad took her out of the hospital and they left the city.

Loaded Words:
1). Cigarettes-her dad is always smoking
2). flophouse- how her dad describes where they will be staying
3). girl- Mexican girls who beat up Jeannette and her brother
4). Pansy- her dad called her moms mom a pansy
5). Mexican-the girls who beat up Jeannette
6). death- one of there children died
7). doctor- her dad doesn't trust dactors
8). home- the two girls are talking about moving all the time
9). Hospital- her dad snatches them out of hospitals
10). parents- Jeannette is now embarrassed about how her parents live

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